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The organization’s interest in mediation, which it defines as a process in which the parties to the dispute ask a third party called the mediator, to help them reach a settlement of the dispute existing between them, without them having the authority to impose a solution to the dispute. This is done as one of the alternative means of resolving disputes, within the framework of its endeavor to enhance civil peace and the rule of law, while conflict parties have increasingly resorted to violent means or family and tribal solutions to resolve their disputes.

The organization seeks to formulate a new social contract to deal with conflicts and means of resolving them, based on the rule of law, and rejecting violence in all its forms, by conducting public consultations that bring together all stakeholders, including direct and affected stakeholders, with the aim of agreeing on a unified system in which roles are distributed and interventions are determined within its framework.

At this stage, the organization works to review the forms of mediation recognized locally, regionally, and internationally, and choose or develop the form that suits the social, cultural, and legal environment prevailing in the Palestinian society, in preparation for its adoption after reaching a societal and legal consensus on it.