ACT Conflict Resolution holds its Eighth meeting of Mediation Forum, titled "The art of Negotiation in Serving Mediation."

ACT Conflict Resolution holds its Eighth meeting of Mediation Forum, titled "The art of Negotiation in Serving Mediation."
07 December 2022

Eighth Meeting of Mediation Forum titled: "The Art of Negotiation in Serving Mediation"

ACT Conflict Resolution highlights the topic of negotiation as a tool in the hands of the mediator to conduct his duties over the course of mediation.

ACT hosted engineer Jubran Saeed of Palestine in its virtual meeting on the 7th of December 2022. Jubran is a lecturer and a consulting trainer in the feild of communication and negotiation in a webinar titled: "The Art of Negotiation in Serving Mediation." 45 participants joined in this meeting from Palestine and various Arab countires. This meeting was facilitated by both Faten Ben Lamine from Tunisia and Mohammad Hadieh from Palestine.

Jubran showcased the concept of negotiation in the webinar, moreover, he highlited his different accredited methods of conflict resolution. For example, Jubran mentioned the harfard method which is distinguished for being dependant on the win - win theory, which in its turn, longs for both parties to be victors in the negotiation process.

Jubran defined the concept of negotiation as being a strategic discourse aiming to resolve cases of dispute in a satisfactory manner. He also mentioned that negotiation is a way for preventing conflict and evading its growth. He emphasized that there is not a specifc definition for the term on the universal scale, and styles of negotiations vary. Therefore, there is multiple models for negotiation such as the Harvard Univeristy method which depends on two types of negotiation. One is the Divisional Negotiation, where as the other is Complementary Negotiation. 

Jubran presented a quick synopsis of negotiation in what professor Roggie Fisher of Harvard Univeristy defined as BATNA {The Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement}. Meaning that the negotiator must have alternatives in his mind during the negotiation process so that it enables him to identify his stance in the conversation. Jubran also mentioned the ZOPA method {Zone of Possible Agreement} which needs to be evident in the mids of both the negotiator and the parties. 

Jubran also discussed the terms and characteristics that need to be available in the negotiator as in honesty, integrity, trust, and other characteristcs the must be compatible with the mediator. 

During the discourse, plenty of discussions took place which included questions that were revolved around the relationship between the negotiator and the mediator and their similarities and differences.

ACT Conflict Resolution seeks to organize monthly meetings through the Mediation Forum to shed the light on mediation as a proper mean to avoid conflicts, resolve them, limit their growth, and reduce the judicial burden on courts.

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