ACT Conflict Resolution adheres to a set of controlling values that ensure the continuum of its operations, these values include: Justice and equality, preserving rights and freedom, Intensifying the sense of solidarity and social participation as well as national belonging, respecting diversity and acceptance of others, ensuring transparency, accountability, and quality.
ACT Conflict Resolution aspires to achieve a safe Jerusalemite society which is built upon the foundations of citizenship and becoming free of occupation. This society expresses allegiance in an Arabian, Palestinian, and humanitarian manner. And in which justice, equality, and human values prevail.
ACT Conflict Resolution is a Palestinian non-profit organization situated in Jerusalem. It works on solidifying the values of citizenship, civil peace, and conflict resolution. ACT provides the knowledge and awareness necessary to make the Jerusalemite society, particularly the youth, to shape its future within the national Palestinian frame. All through the services of arbitration and mediation by promoting them and providing research on related topics.